Liberty Science Center Teacher Discount

liberty science center teacher discount

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Liberty Science Center Teacher Discount draws visitors from all around. Boasting interactive exhibits and exciting programs, there is something here for everyone in the family at liberty science center teacher discount. Groupon often provides great discounts on tickets or memberships.

LSC is a world-class destination with four floors of exciting exhibitions that engage all ages and learning levels. Students gain powerful new perspectives on STEM subjects ranging from environment/earth science/health/green energy options. Cotton-top tamarins help teach conservation lessons; hurricane-force winds and rain allow engineering learning; while traversing an intensely dark tunnel gives senses an experience unlike any other!

LSC offers more than just exhibitions and shows; in addition, field trips, laboratory workshops and virtual experiences connect directly with classroom lessons and standards. Teachers can utilize LSC’s live-streamed Live from Surgery program to see what goes on inside an operating room while leading their students through hands-on science workshops. Students in kindergarten through second grade can participate in Young Learner Labs that foster scientific thinking while making connections between their experience at LSC and what is learned back at school.

Visitor must adhere to all posted instructions and directions from museum staff in order to remain safe during their visit. LSC recommends wearing face masks during their entire visit, maintaining appropriate social distance, leaving strollers in their car wherever available and frequently washing hands throughout their visit with soap sanitizer. Furthermore, ASTC members living more than 90 miles from LSC may qualify for free entry by showing both their membership card and photo ID at the box office when buying tickets for general admission.