Masterclass Teacher Discount Review


masterclass teacher discount

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Masterclass Teacher Discount is an online video lessons platform that allows students to learn from celebrities such as Neil Gaiman, Natalie Portman, Gordon Ramsey and many more. Classes cover a range of areas including writing 9thrillers thrillers comedy creativity leadership etc. With an annual membership fee of just $120/year (just $10 monthly!) you are guaranteed satisfaction or receive your money back with no risk whatsoever! Masterclass offers classes year-round (that is every 10 months!). They even offer a 30-day money back guarantee should anything go wrong!

Owing to their strong emphasis on teaching creative skills and drawing inspiration from celebrities, this platform specializes in creative classes with engaging and professionally produced classes; additionally their annual membership pass offers one of the best bargains among online learning platforms.

This website does a fantastic job at offering up-to-date classes and sessions to help students quickly locate what suits them, with free trials to give it a go if desired. Some users do complain of auto-renew feature as well as lack of customer support when canceling subscriptions, however.

Masterclass offers a grant program which provides free annual memberships to community organizations. It primarily supports low-income families, BIPOC youth and individuals currently or previously incarcerated; as well as organizations offering STEAM programming.

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