Apple iPhone 13 Teacher Discount


iphone 13 teacher discount

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Apple products can be an expensive investment for both kids and themselves; teachers and students can take advantage of the Apple Education Discount program to save a substantial sum when purchasing Apple products for themselves or others.

Apple’s EDU discounts are open to educators and students of any educational institution – be they schools, colleges or universities – even homeschool teachers may qualify. Apple requires users to provide either their student ID number or email address given by their educational institution for verification purposes.

Apple Education Store in the US provides discounts of roughly 10% off regular-priced items, in addition to savings on refurbished ones.

The discount can be obtained online, though the process varies depending on your country of residence. In the UK, for instance, enrollment must be verified through UniDays which is affiliated with Apple – this process typically only takes minutes to complete.

Students enrolled in US high schools or colleges qualify for Apple’s EDU discounts by being current high school or college students, in addition to having a valid Apple ID. Furthermore, these discounts extend to discounted refurbished Apple products and accessories; students can find these either directly through Apple or an authorized reseller like Amazon; these models start from A$429 for iPad Air models compared with its recommended retail price of A$6,099. Furthermore, an amazing A$70 savings await you on Mac Studio models with M1 ultra chip processors!

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