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Apple, the world-renowned tech giant, has long been a supporter of educators and their tireless work in shaping the minds of the future. In appreciation of their dedication and commitment, Apple offers a special discount program for teachers and educators, aimed at making their products more accessible and affordable. This program, known as the Apple Teacher Discount, is a fantastic way for those in the education sector to enjoy Apple’s innovative devices and services at reduced prices.

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Apple, founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, has made its mark on the world with its range of cutting-edge consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. From the iconic iPhone to the versatile iPad, Apple’s devices are designed to inspire creativity and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Their seamless integration with software and services like iCloud, Apple Music, and Apple TV+ has also set new standards in the tech industry. The Apple Teacher Discount program is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to supporting education and providing tools that empower teachers to create engaging learning experiences for their students.

How To Get The Apple Teacher Discount

To access the discounted pricing, eligible teachers need to visit the link using the button below and follow the verification process to confirm their status as educators. Once verified, they can browse through the wide range of Apple products and services available at discounted prices, making it easier than ever for educators to integrate Apple’s innovative technology into their classrooms. By offering this discount to teachers, Apple further demonstrates its commitment to supporting education and honoring those who educate us.

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Apple understands the importance of education, so they’ve made it simple for educators to save money on technology purchases. Through an exclusive apple teacher discount program, available year-round for educators, students, and staff at schools and other educational establishments alike.

Who Can Take Advantage of Apple Education Pricing?

In order to receive an education discount at Apple, you must be a faculty or staff member of an accredited college or university and provide proof of teaching status through third-party verification services.

Apple teachers can take advantage of a teacher discount on iPads, though there’s a limit to how many devices you can purchase within one year – one desktop computer, Mac mini, laptop and two iPads plus accessories at two each.

Verifying Your Student or Educator Status

Apple has recently started requiring customers to verify their student or educator status through Unidays, in the US. This new verification process is meant to prevent anyone from abusing the discount by purchasing Apple devices on behalf of their pupils or staff members.

Before, Apple product purchases through the educational pricing store could be done anonymously without verification. But this has changed, as evidenced by tests conducted by The Verge and reports from MacRumors and 9to5Mac.

Redeeming the Apple Education Discount

The Apple education discount is an excellent way to save on a wide range of products. This includes discounts on iMacs and other desktops, MacBooks, iPads, software packages and accessories – you name it!

The initial step in taking advantage of the educational discount is verifying your student status through UNiDAYS. This requires a valid student ID, photo, and current school year dates; if these details are missing from you then contact Unidays manually for verification.

On Apple’s website, you can locate the education price by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and selecting Shop for College. Make sure that the Education Store Home bar is visible at the top; however, this may be difficult to see so open another tab to double-check that your discount has been applied.

Eligibility for the Apple Education Discount

This discount is available to students, educators and parents of students. In order to be eligible, you must be enrolled in an accredited college, university or high school.

This discount is not only valid for Apple computers and tablets, but it also includes discounted Apple Music subscriptions. Plus, when you buy an eligible Mac computer, you’ll get free Beats headphones!

Apple’s Teacher Discount Now Requires Verification

Apple has quietly altered the way its education store functions, now requiring students or staff to verify their status through Unidays before purchasing items. This change is effective for users in the US, the UK, and France but could be removed at any time.

Apple’s Education Pricing and Student Discounts

College students, educators, and homeschool teachers can take advantage of Apple’s education discounts through the Apple Education Store – a separate site from their regular online store. To take advantage of these savings on Apple products, visit this separate site to take advantage of these offers.

Sign Up for a Unidays Account

The most efficient way to take advantage of education discounts is to sign up with Unidays, which manages an extensive selection of discounts from various companies. With your account set up, you can search for current offers from Apple and other participating brands through Unidays; often these will include coupon codes that can be redeemed on the Apple website.

Verifying Your Educational Status on Unidays

Verifying your educational status depends on the country and company, but typically involves signing up with UNiDAYS and using their verification service in order to access offers. Verifying your ID beforehand helps avoid theft or loss of the card, giving you peace of mind that nothing will go missing with it.

On January 2022, Apple implemented a new requirement for customers using the educational discount store: verification through UNiDAYS. However, that process was removed three days later due to some technical difficulties resolved within the verification system.

Using the Teacher Discount on an Apple Macbook Air

If you’re in the market for a new Apple macbook air, there are plenty of great deals to be had. One such offer is Apple’s teacher discount which can save you an impressive amount on new devices.

The Apple MacBook Air Teacher Discount is available to educators and students at schools, colleges, sixth forms and universities throughout the UK as well as those employed at education institutions abroad. To take advantage of this offer, you must verify your teacher status through Unidays by providing some simple documents from either your educational establishment or employer.

How to Avail the Apple Macbook Air Teacher Discount

In order to redeem the Apple student teacher discount, you’ll need to visit their education store and select what items you would like to purchase. Once selected, confirm your information by signing in or creating an Apple ID account.

Once your information has been verified, you can proceed to checkout and purchase the products selected. You will then be entitled to educational pricing on those items.

What Are the Advantages of an Apple Macbook Air Teacher Discount?

The Apple education store offers 10% off regular priced items as well as 20% off AppleCare+ for newly purchased devices, which can be applied to a variety of Apple products including MacBook Airs and iPads.

Verifying Your Educator Status through Unidays

To verify your educator status through Unidays, visit their website and select Menu (the three vertical lines in the upper-left corner). Logging in allows you to browse a list of Apple Education offers that you can use to save money on your next Apple purchase. If your school is not listed, contact Unidays for manual verification instructions.

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