Tula Offers a Teacher Discount

tula teacher discount

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National Nurses Week kicks off May 6, and numerous restaurants, retailers and brands are offering special discounts to nurses during this event. Tula skincare brand is offering nurses 15% off until Friday with its extensive line of clean + effective products that range from bestsellers and beauty editor picks to newcomers to their collection.

Signing up for Tula’s mailing list makes you eligible for discounts, with coupons posted regularly on social media as well. RetailMeNot can also help find discounts that can be applied directly to your order from Tula.

Tula offers another way of saving on purchases by taking advantage of their referral program. By giving someone 20% off their first order and then getting $20 sent to your account once their order has been placed and fulfilled successfully.

Tula offers another way to achieve savings: its auto-delivery program. Simply select “Auto-Delivery” when browsing products to start saving 15% with every order placed – you can change or stop your delivery anytime!

Since February, sales at this privately-held brand have seen significant increases and are experiencing double-digit year-on-year growth online orders. They credit their surge in success to strong demand for their signature skincare bundles that provide greater value than individual products purchased separately; additionally they point out that strict social distancing measures have caused orders to take two weeks longer to process as opposed to normal processing times of less than 24 hours.