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Teachers planning a vacation or a school trip can enjoy comfortable accommodations at a discount with the Radisson Hotel teacher discount. Recognizing the valuable role that educators play in society, Radisson offers this discount to make travel a little easier and more affordable.

Radisson Hotel is a global hotel chain known for their comfortable rooms, excellent service, and convenient locations. Whether you’re planning a city break, a seaside vacation, or a countryside getaway, Radisson Hotels offer a warm welcome and a pleasant stay.

How To Get The Radisson Teacher Discount

To get the Radisson Hotel teacher discount, educators should visit the Radisson Hotels website here. The discount varies by location, but generally, teachers can enjoy a special rate when booking their stay. Simply select the Government rate when booking online and be sure to present your valid school ID at check-in.

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Teachers make such an invaluable contribution to society that stores and restaurants often extend discounts for the goods and services they use – from hotel rooms to home and office supplies, educators can save big with discounts available on everything needed to do their jobs successfully.

Hotels are among the most common spots where educators can find discounts, with some brands even providing ongoing perks to educators such as free nights or rewards at specific times of year, special member rates for booking with certain codes such as ID 27707 (Marriott), Hilton (10%) Motel 6 (teachers can save by calling and asking about their Educator Appreciation Rate) and Disney Hotels (but not those within Walt Disney World itself) all provide educator discounts to educators.

As well as hotel stays, Radisson Rewards members can earn points through other methods as well. From holding co-branded credit cards and partner offers to taking advantage of them each month – there are plenty of opportunities to accrue more Radisson Rewards points each month!

Radisson Rewards members can redeem points for in-hotel Express Awards, which provide cash back on room purchases at participating hotels. You may only redeem up to 10,000 points annually so be careful not to go beyond this cap! Alternatively, members can buy gift cards with their points though this option doesn’t provide great value given NerdWallet’s valuation of each point at 0.8 cent each.

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