Cox Internet Teacher Discount


cox internet teacher discount

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Cox Communications is one of the nation’s premier high-speed internet service providers and boasts millions of subscribers nationwide. Cox offers cable TV, home phone and security services alongside their broadband internet plans – not to mention attractive bundle deals and affordable prices! Cox Internet Teacher Discount can also help teachers save money when selecting service.

Connect2Compete opens doors of opportunity for families with students in K-12 grades, providing reliable home internet with wifi and a free modem at incredibly competitive pricing. The package can also be taken advantage of through government assistance programs like School Lunch Program, SNAP, TANF and Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, among others.

Cox offers its ConnectAssist program specifically to seniors and those with disabilities at reduced costs for broadband internet access, or combined with Connect2Compete plans for maximum savings. To see if this is something that applies to you, visit their website and search “connectassist.”

Cox cable internet plans do not impose data caps; however, if you exceed them the company will assess overage fees. To prevent this from happening, an unlimited data add-on for $50 monthly is available and highly recommended if using cloud security and multiple devices connected to Cox WiFi networks simultaneously. Plus, Cox currently has a limited-time promotion where they give away free modems with certain internet plans!

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