Teacher Discounts at the Tampa Zoo


The Tampa Zoo is the ideal place to learn more about animals and have a fun day out with your family. You can purchase single day tickets online, or opt for membership if you plan on returning often.

Tampa Area Zoos & Attractions Offer Educator Discounts

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Many attractions around Tampa offer special discounts for teachers. These include LEGOLAND Florida, The Orlando Eye, Madame Tussauds, Sea World Orlando – plus many more!

Crayola Experience offers certified teachers (grades pre-K through 12) a free annual pass that lasts 365 days with no blackout dates. In addition, you’ll save 20% on admission for friends and family, 20% off food and merchandise items, plus an exclusive 10% discount for birthday parties!

MOSI – Science Museum of Florida: All K-12 teachers and school staff members from public, private or homeschool institutions are entitled to free general admission. To do so, they must present a valid government-issued photo ID along with recent proof of educator status.

Local Hotel Guests: College students and local hotel guests can purchase a single day general admission ticket for 10% discount. They must present either their hotel key card or valid college or university ID to qualify.

Heroes Vacation Club: Teachers, first responders and their families can save on accommodations, airfare, car rentals, activities and cruises with one convenient account. Plus you’ll enjoy exclusive member perks like curated itineraries, personalized concierge service and travel planning services!

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