San Diego Zoo Tickets – Teacher Discount

Teachers can save money on tickets to San Diego Zoo! What an awesome opportunity for your students to have a memorable outing!

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San Diego Zoo is an incredible zoo that provides visitors with a diverse collection of animals, making it easy to understand why so many people visit each year. It also serves as an ideal spot for families to bond and take pleasure in the park’s breathtaking natural scenery.

When visiting the zoo, it’s essential to pace yourself and take frequent breaks. Doing this allows for you to see all of the attractions in a shorter amount of time; plus, having a schedule can help ensure that you don’t miss anything!

FunEx has San Diego Zoo tickets for just US$60 when purchased online! Children who are 3 years or younger can save even more with these coupons that are valid for one year! These great deals make planning your trip much less expensive – plus, with these tickets you’ll have peace of mind that your ticket will arrive when needed!

Group discounts are available for groups of 15 or more. This is an ideal deal for schools, youth organizations, and families.

Another great family activity at the zoo is signing up for a guided tour, which will show you all of its amazing attractions. Tours typically last 90 minutes and use luxurious carts to transport guests between locations within the park.