NEA’s Carnival Cruise Teacher Discount


carnival cruise teacher discount

Carnival Cruise Teacher Discount

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NEA members looking to take an affordable cruise vacation can take advantage of NEA Travel: Cruises’ teacher discounts to save on their next cruise vacation. This service provides discounts for cruises originating in U.S. ports, free fares for teachers and discounts on everything from spa treatments and dining services to free airfare for their trip!

Prebook Early

Booking early can help ensure you secure the cabin type you prefer at an attractive price point.

For travelers on a budget looking for a less-expensive cruise option, older ships with less amenities tend to offer lower priced cruises that could offer you better value. They usually feature less onboard entertainment and dining options making these journeys more cost effective.

Focus on Free Food and Activities

A Carnival cruise doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg in order to offer fun experiences; many attractions on board are free, meaning no additional money has to be spent on activities like bingo or the casino.

Carnival vessels typically offer self-serve launderette stations on cabin decks with washers and dryers that you can use without incurring an extra fee for laundry service. Vending machines may offer detergent or water softener at discounted rates, making self-service laundrettes an attractive option.

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