How to Score an Enfamil Teacher Discount


Teachers make an invaluable difference to children’s lives – be it teaching what’s on the curriculum or life skills – which is why so many brands provide educator discounts throughout the year, not only during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2 to May 6), when special offers will be made available; you could also score discounts on clothing, travel insurance and car insurance by taking advantage of other education-related discount opportunities available throughout the year.

Enfamil Teacher Discount

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Saving on Enfamil formula with coupons can be simple and enjoyable when you sign up for the Enfamil Family Beginnings rewards program – free to join, it provides up to $400 worth of savings coupons during pregnancy, the baby’s first year of life, and beyond! This rewards program gives parents more savings opportunities and freebies!

Other ways to save on Enfamil formula include shopping bundles. These packages make purchasing all your at-home and on-the-go needs at once with savings of 10% over buying each item individually, and Enfamil also provides free shipping when your discount applies (after $50 of savings have been taken into account).

Teachers can take advantage of additional savings by showing their ID at checkout. Schuler Books in Okemos and Grand Rapids, Michigan provides teachers with a 20% teacher discount on select items when you show your ID; similarly, the NEA Magazine Service offers discounted subscription rates on hundreds of magazines; while JOANN Fabric’s Educator Rewards program grants educators 15% discounts upon enrollment with valid teacher ID verification.

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