How to Get an Equinox Teacher Discount


Equinox gym is known for catering to the affluent fitness-seeker market. At its top-tier locations such as E by Equinox on Madison Avenue or Printing House in Manhattan’s West Village, members can get their shoes shined or suits pressed while working out; an additional massage may even be provided! While Equinox may not be for everyone and membership costs can add up quickly.

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Equinox Fitness Club boasts many amenities, from its full-service spa to group classes such as yoga, cycling, Pilates, boot camp cardio boxing and precision run. Other ways of getting fit include the Equinox+ app which enables users to take live and on-demand strength and cardio classes as well as integrations with Apple Health Kit, WHOOP strap and iFitness watches – as well as showing how many calories were burned during class sessions as well as nutrition guidance.

Though Equinox Fitness app may seem appealing, it does come with some downsides. Not only is its monthly fee expensive, but cancellation requires giving 45 days’ notice before cancelling – something newcomers and those with irregular exercise schedules may find difficult. Yelp reviews from some consumers have voiced discontent at its cancellation policy while federal Trade Commission records obtained by Business Insider show multiple instances where customers have complained of predatory billing practices by Equinox Fitness.

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