HBO Max Teacher Discount in 2023

hbo max teacher discount

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Hbo Max Teacher Discount College tuition costs continue to soar, forcing students to be cautious with their money and look out for deals when purchasing premium video streaming services like Hbo Max in 2023. They especially love receiving an Hbo Max Student Discount as it increases value per dollar spent! When services offer them discounts like this one they become particularly thrilled.

HBO Max stands out as an attractive streaming service because students still get first crack at discounts for premium services like their deals. By either using your school-issued email address to register an HBO Max account or by converting an HBO GO account into one, students will save $5 every month and can use the service on approved campus devices such as common room televisions.

HBO Max recently unveiled an affordable, ad-supported plan tailored specifically to students – making it easier than ever to save on subscription costs! Plus, free trials are offered to new customers and their catalog includes beloved series like Game of Thrones and Westworld.

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