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Capriotti’s is⁣ a ⁤renowned sandwich ⁢shop chain that has been serving customers since 1976.⁣ With a commitment to⁢ using only ⁢the highest quality ingredients, they⁤ have ⁢become well-known for their substantial and mouthwatering subs. From their iconic “Bobbie” sandwich, filled with juicy turkey,⁣ cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo, to a variety of other creative and flavorful options,‌ Capriotti’s strives to provide customers with a delightful meal‍ experience. In addition to their delicious subs, Capriotti’s also offers salads, vegetarian options, and‍ a ⁤range of sides⁢ to satisfy ‌every ⁤palate.

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